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Online marketplace matching tutors with students for university test preparation

Online marketplace matching tutors with students for university test preparation

TESTutor lets students find the optimal online personal tutoring service to prepare for standardized tests (SAT, ACT, GMAT etc.). It is a narrowly focused online marketplace, which smartly matches students with tutors according to their preferences for price, ratings, methodology and convenient timing of lessons. TESTutor is tapping the market of affordable professional non-US tutors, whom TESTutor carefully selects, tests and trains using its proprietary mathodology and technology. Primary Target group - US students aged 16 to 22 years old, entering undergraduate programs, preparing for SAT, and ACT exams, who prefer personal tutoring over self-preparation courses, and have means to spend $600 - $800 on test preparation. TESTutor’s methodology and courses were developed and tested in our off-line project MBA Consult (mbaconsult.ru), which has been on the educational market since 1998. Presently it has more than 15 000 satidfied former clients.

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Max Rossoshansky

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Created and run a design marketplace Dizkon.ru, co-founded iOS-app Alcoscanner.ru and worked at Kaspersky and Vedomosti.

Eugenia Heckmann

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Professional teacher and methodologist, the founder of Ivy League Consulting Service with 15 years of tutoring experience including 10 years of online tutoring.

Vyacheslav Davidenko

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a serial entrepreneur, former TOP-manager and investor. Have graduated as an engineer from MEPI and also gained MBA degree at Chicago Booth School of Business