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Electric cars, giant batteries and solar



Carson Hunt

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Co-Founded Upparel (2018), experience at Lockheed Martin and Tesla. Passionate about the intersection between business and engineering.

Carl Nocho

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andrew quezada

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Jonas Hertay

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Software engineer with product management skills. I worked at Tesla and Avast Software (antivirus). Interests: Electric vehicles, connected cars, GIS, PLM.

Zach Glabman

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Building @Practicum, Prev: lifeguard, surgical shadow, politics, law, finance

Tara Umesh

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Went to New York University
Software Engineer looking for opportunities in Test automation and development

Emily Yang

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Zheng Hong Tan

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Passionate and self-driven individual who has proven records of industry experience through the completion of internships.

Daniel Willis

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Worked at tesla motors.

Tony Nguyen

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Logan Jastremski

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Nick Wise

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Software engineer @ Tesla. USC Computer Science Student. Golang Engineer.
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Board members and advisors

KP Creative Designs

Simon Rothman

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Partner at Greylock.
Customer Service specialist at PRO Club, Concierge specialist at Hyatt, Seattle Concierge Association member, Service Advisor at Tesla, Inc.
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Former team

Angus Duthie

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Elijah German, MBA

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Paul Wilcox

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Kahar Erbol

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Dong Yi Chen

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Mel M. Heydari

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