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Locally crafted meals. No assembly required.



Jeff Kelley

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Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor | Creator https://ktla.com/tag/canopy-hats/

Patrick Smith

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Purpose-driven company builder. Founder @Territory Foods . Prior company acquired by IAC subsidiary HomeAdvisor.

Joshua Kriger

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Co-founded Mindful Chef, which merged w/ Power Supply in 2013 & re-branded to Territory. Parlayed experience into a game changing apparel venture, Canopy.


Ross Kleszics

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Jon Black

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CTO @Territory Foods We're always hiring! View our profile for the latest open positions.

Jennifer Burdick

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Creative, mission-driven communications lead. Detail orientated with an execution mindset. Highly adaptable given diverse experience across industries/skillsets

Frank A Curto Jr

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aram anderson

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Full stack software engineer with a dynamic set of hard and soft skills.

Jennifer Ruvolo

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Worked at Territory Foods

Sophie Townsend

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Manager, Marketing Programs at Territory Foods

Board members and advisors

FoodTech Angels Founder, Think Food Group Co-Founder, Entrepreneur/Restaurateur/Investor 35yrs, Studied @Yale & learned a lot in a week @UC Berkeley Haas!
Founded Primal Nutrition, Inc. 1997, Founded Primal Blueprint Publishing 2009, Founded Primal Kitchen 2015.
Serial Entrepreneur. former CEO of The Manischewitz Company. Active member of New York Angels, ArcView, Laconia Capital and early stage Investor/mentor
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Former team

Stephanie Bentley

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Andrew McDermott

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Scot Peterson

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Christopher Salvato

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casey provost

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Natasha Wiscombe

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