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Software Developer

₹7L – ₹15L • 0.1% – 1.0%
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- Our current Reader/Writer chat fiction social network app can be found here: terriblytinytales.com/app
- We are working on a number of apps, to be released in the next few months

Looking for a talented techie to
- join the tech team in development and architecture of a number of apps
- develop backend services
- develop front end in collaboration with our UI/UX designer(s)

- work on BACKEND technologies like nodejs, redis, mysql, memcached, mongodb, elastic search
- work on FRONTEND technologies like Reactjs and Angular 4/5
- work on MOBILE frameworks Ionic 3/4 and React Native
- work on Challenging and Scalable Complex Algorithms
- work on Data Analytics
- explore Machine Learning implementations
- work on Amazon Beanstalk, Amazon EC2, Amazon Elasticache, Amazon ElasticSearch, Amazon Lambda

- you shall directly report to the CTO

Skills Required:
- Must be strong in atleast Nodejs, Angular or Ionic, React
- Experience in Machine Learning and python a strong plus
- Strong problem solving ability
- Strong programming skills

How To Apply (applicants must attempt the below challenge)

Design and build the following:
1. A front end which accepts a number input N with a Submit button (extra points for building frontend in Angular or React or a HTML5 framework)

2. On entering a value and pressing submit, a request should be sent to the backend (backend can be in any technology, extra points for using nodejs)

3. From the backend, fetch a file hosted at terriblytinytales.com/test.txt

4. From the backend, return the top N most frequently occurring words in this file (DO NOT use a ready made module for frequency computation)

5. Display the top N words and their frequency of occurrence in the frontend, in a tabular format

Expected solution:
1. The source code of the frontend and backend to be uploaded to github along with a readme file. Please submit the github link as part of Application Note.

2. Readme must
- explain components of the code
- mention all libraries and plugins used (DO NOT use a ready made module for frequency computation)
- list all test cases run along with test data and screenshots

3. Extra points for hosting this solution on AWS (free tier) or Heroku or somewhere online

NOTE: Applications without the submission github link (in the application Note) will not be considered

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CTO & Full Stack Developer Mobile Apps: Ionic, React Native. Tech Stack: Nodejs, Express, Angular, React, Redis, ElasticSearch, Memcached, Mysql, MongoDB

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