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1st Arts & Cultural Experience Portal Site

1st Arts & Cultural Experience Portal Site

TeRra is an Art & Cultural experience portal search website. The online platform to provide users to experience performing arts, exhibition, concerts and information of current event schedule and ticket info, artist info, and music info. So the user can get arts and cultural experience in person anywhere and anytime. Through the website's Check Rates feature, users are able to check event ticket pricing and availabilities across multiple vendor commerce sites.

TeRra™ is a multinational technology corporation that is in Art and Cultures contents in Internet-related services and products. Founded in 2014, Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. The various online platforms discover and cultivate arts and cultural products and to provide users to experience high qualified arts and cultural contents within the high-technology on the globe.

Terra Han

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CEO & founder of TeRra Arts and Culture, Publisher of TeRra Magazine.