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Online manager for legal texts

Online manager for legal texts

Over a 75% of online companies don't comply with basic legal requirements on their websites. This meant a >$10B overall expense in 2014 in fines, returns and claims

We generate the terms and conditions, policies and legal texts for your website in different languages and jurisdictions, so that you can go global with no worries.

Once that your legal texts are ok, we keep them permanently tracked with our timestamp-based platform, so that you can prove exactly what conditions your users accepted, what your competition is saying about you or what you're announcing on any website, social network or blog.

Accelerated by Plug and Play, Terminis is your partner for whatever you may need in connection with your online legal texts and with the generation of digital evidente concerning any content published by you or by a third party on internet. No download, integration or specific development is required.

If you're a legal expert, we're developing our own international network.Contact us!
Founder Terminis
Founder of @Atrapalo.com, one of the leading B2C Online Spanish agencies
Founder Terminis
Lawyer and serial entrepreneur. Managing partner of Metricson, cofounder of Terminis and Metagest. Foodie and optimistic.

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