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Immigration / Compliance Assistant (Part-time)

$5k – $10k • No equity
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We are currently seeking a dedicated & experienced immigration / compliance assistant to join our expanding team.

You will be responsible for providing immigration advice and assistance to our candidates and employees. This will entail covering visa consultation, visa documentation collection, application assistance, visa tracking, and renewal services, to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Sample Responsibilities

• Process inbound Hong Kong immigration applications.
• Monitor and process visa renewal applications.
• Assist candidates with their unique immigration needs.
• Coordinate with different parties and gather necessary documentation.
• Assist with completion of immigration/visa application forms for submission to the appropriate government authority.
• Occasional travel to the Immigration or other government departments if required.


• Confident in dealing with government officials.
• Self-motivated and independent.
• Mature and attentive to details.
• Tech-savvy and high-level of computer literacy.
• Good command of written and spoken English and Cantonese.
• Great interpersonal and listening skills
• Relevant working experience in the immigration industry is an advantage.

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