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Educating 0-6 year old children, worldwide, via text messages

Educating 0-6 year old children, worldwide, via text messages

Tembo educates 0-6 year old children, via text messages. Tembo sends one activity per day, to parents, via text messages. The parents then educate their children with the activity. For educating their children, the parents are rewarded with free incentives. In developing nations, those incentives are free minutes and texts for their mobile phone. In developed nations, those incentives are Amazon gift cards. Tembo aims to transform early childhood education for the world by making high-quality education more accessible and affordable for millions of children worldwide. Tembo started in Africa, is now in the US, and expanding to the Middle East and India. Their current objective is to educate 80,000 refugee children in Jordan. Tembo is supported by the Clinton Global Initiative & awarded for social impact by the owner of the Boston Red Sox.

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