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Decentralized CDN for video streaming

Decentralized CDN for video streaming

Teltoo is a young company that empowers broadcasters to deliver best in class online video.

Some of the biggest broadcasters in the world have successfully integrated our technology and proved the benefit of it during very high audience events like the Tour de France or the Athletics World Championships. The company was officially incorporated in Spain in 2016 and has rapidly grown with headquarters in the UK and US in less than 2 years.

We are presently focused in Teltoo's first commercial product: a decentralized online video delivery technology.

Teltoo has been proven able to boost the quality of any other traditional method used till far under the most stressful conditions.Teltoo decentralised solution allows online video streaming to scale at unparalleled pace during massive audience events.

If you ever experienced a video playback blackout watching your favourite show online it was likely not using Teltoo :)
Founder @Teltoo · Worked at @Cisco , @Spanish Space Agency · MSc. Telecomm Engineer at @Universidad Politecnica De Madrid. Love coding since age 12.
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