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Arsene Toumani

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I help build and scale products for industries I’m most passionate about.

Jad Chehlawi

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Launched a Fintech platform that automates and improves wealth management. Founded a traditional investment firm. Went to Harvard Business School and McGill


Aleksandr Tokarev

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Passionate ui/ux designer with over 5 years experience working on everything from small e-commerce websites for family businesses to large B2B platforms.
I help to grow a corporate culture that fosters learning and a continuously improving organization

Thomas Mboto

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Developer at Systelos

Nitesh Mohan Nankani

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Worked at TheAppLabb. Experience with Documentation, Firewall, Jira. Went to Lambton College, Osmania University

Paulson Ong

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Former team

Sunny Shao

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Aditya Sharma

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