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Stay in the know. Act when it matters.™

Stay in the know. Act when it matters.™

Welcome to TelosTouch, the missing link between advisors and their clients to stay in the know and easily act when it matters.

How often do you send emails or call clients without hearing back? How many attempts does it take to connect let alone meet in person? With so many technical advancements, including CRMs and marketing automation, why is it still so difficult to get your clients more engaged? Even with your best intentions, opportunities are being missed and chances to build stronger relationships are left on the table.

TelosTouch is the next level of Advisor - Client collaboration that builds interactive client experiences that were previously impossible. The path to personalized advice starts with a deep understanding of clients’ context and behavior which is only possible if they engage more frequently with you.

TelosTouch enables advisors to engage their clients remotely and to serve them at scale. We reveal changing needs in real-time then identify segments that will benefit from the same service. With our insights, advisors can easily serve these groups while communicating the difference they make.

Our real-time engagement technology creates insights that advisors need but don’t have for a deeper understanding of client context and behavior. Advice becomes timely, transparent, and personalized at scale, delivering a new relationship standard - what we like to call, Augmented RelationshipsTM. TelosTouch easily complements existing systems and delivers quick wins from day one.

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I help build and scale products for industries I’m most passionate about.

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Launched a Fintech platform that automates and improves wealth management. Founded a traditional investment firm. Went to Harvard Business School and McGill

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