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Real estate mobile platform: high-yield cash account, property management, investing

Real estate mobile platform: high-yield cash account, property management, investing

Tellus is on a mission to change the real estate industry for the better. We believe in making the power of real estate accessible to everyone. Our app is your one-stop-shop for all things real estate by making high yield cash accounts, state-of-the-art property management tools, and lucrative real estate investment opportunities available anywhere, anytime. Tellus Boost gives savers and investors high-yield cash accounts earning 2% APY compounded daily, with boosts to earn even higher returns. A cash account (and returns) like no other! Tellus Manage provides you with state-of-the-art mobile property management tools to create leases, collect rent, screen tenants, track expenses, process maintenance requests, and more, all at absolutely no cost to you. Property management, simplified. Tellus Invest will enable accredited investors to swipe through a selection of real estate investments, and invest with as little as $200 to earn up to 12% APY. Sign up and RSVP for future investment opportunities today! All of this is entirely free. No fees, ever. We want you to be able to access cash accounts, property management, and real estate investments at no cost to you. No matter who you are, Tellus has something for you. Download the app today to get started!

Backend Developer (Ruby/Rails) / Full Stack

Experienced Mortgage Loan Officer

Marketing Design Intern - Spring 2021

Marketing & Content Intern - Spring 2021


QA Automation Lead

Mobile Developer - Android / Full Stack

WebDev + Web Design

Edwin Cheung

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Passionate marketer with experience in leading successful marketing campaigns. Proficient in digital and social media marketing as well as data analytics.

Jasper Tay

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Marketing & Operations @Tellus Co-Founder of Modvlar Agency; Currently seeking new opportunities as an entry-level SDR at SaaS organizations

Roy Su

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Graduated from Baylor B.S. Biochemistry. Did Computer Science in high school, robotics, AP compsci 5.