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Great Oaks Venture Capital

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Early Stage Venture Capital Firm

Max Pellegrini

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President Mobile Services @Realnetworks, mobile guru, angel investor and Newyorker in a random order

Dwipal Desai

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Business Unit Lead @Essential.com. Founder @Terrain Home (Samsung), @Theicebreak. Ex- @PayPal, @YouTube, @Google, @Samsung Electronics

Alessandro Piol

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New York Venture Capitalist • Founder @AlphaPrime Ventures @Vedanta Capital, AT&T Ventures, Pixel Machines • @Columbia University, @Harvard Business School.

Bill Gross

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Founder @Idealab. Created more than 100 companies leading to 45 IPO's & acquisitions, including 7 more than $1 Billion exits, including Goto, @Citysearch ...

Steve Bennet

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Start-up CFO, Angel Investor and Professor