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We're a complete gamer team that has its own routines playing together, discussing new gaming trends, and has a great passion for building a new way to bring gamers together. Our ultimate vision is to be the biggest social platform for gamers using the power of VR. To do so, each one of us uses a different hero power to move Teleporter forward.

Working together is like being in a dungeon as a team of damage dealers, priests, and tanks that make it impossible to lose the game. And of course, the dungeon is full of monsters, very high-level excitement, and a bunch of rare items/loots (like, literally).
In dungeons, you would start losing the game immediately without any of your teammates. This is the team we have and wanna keep growing in Teleporter.

We have two physical offices, one in Silicon Valley – Hero City in San Mateo, and one in Istanbul, ARI Technopark. As expected, our offices are full of toys, geek items, and gaming stuff.

We live close to our users, stay communicated all the time, and build together with our community. We do daily/weekly meetings, besides, using tools like Slack, Zoom, Jira to collaborate and work together efficiently. We work hard but also care for each other deeply. For us, this is not only about building a dream for gamers, but it is also about finding new game mates to play and trust forever.


You'll wear many hats, have many responsibilities, regardless of your work definition; work on the product, and keep in touch with the users.
We expect you to have a core area of expertise, be curious to learn, ask questions, suggest new ways, and sometimes play harder than you work hard.
As teammates, we look for gamers that are hard workers, highly motivated, problem solver, and curious people. We'd love to let you join our game if you love experimenting, believe in the power of VR, and have experience working in other startups or game studios before.