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Team-building for the Millennial Age

Team-building for the Millennial Age

Peers uses cutting-edge AI technology, a self-transforming algorithm, to generate best teams for companies. Easy for students to build a profile & create or join a project.
Peers© uses smart technology to give companies effective teams.
Peers© gives companies a means of searching for and generating optimal teams (or individuals) to hire for internships & jobs.
Team-based hiring is new and disruptive. Stripe recently announced a new hiring initiative BYOT - bring your own team, and Peers had anticipated this trend. Peers is exactly in line with this.

We have a hiring platform second to none.
Get the metrics you need to hire the right teams.
Seek out the most qualified candidates to round out your existing teams.
Generate entire teams for your work environment from scratch.
Graft existing teams from our database onto your workforce.

Founder & CEO squareteams • Worked at @NYU • Studied at @Yale University University math phd program. Strong analytical and management skills.

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