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Next Generation Hardware Development Platform

Next Generation Hardware Development Platform

Our Vision: Making scalable hardware development as simple as deploying a website. Our offering has two parts: - Tessel: Tessel is a hardware development platform that makes it incredibly simple to connect sensors & actuators to the internet. Tessel broadens the pool of hardware developers building IoT devices & makes prototyping a connected device 10x faster than ever before. Tessel's automated scaling services means developers can order small (100-1k) to medium-sized (1k-10k) volumes without taking on the risk of sourcing or manufacturing themselves. - Fractal: With Fractal we'll be able to assemble hardware designs, highlight firmware & hardware optimization paths, & build a circuit board... all from a developer's code. Users will be able to prototype on Tessel development boards & optimize their application onto custom hardware that we can build for them at larger scale (10k+). We're initially targeting industrial and agricultural use cases and will expand from there.

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Co-founder Technical Machine. CS/EE from Olin college.
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