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Helping tech professionals find the perfect job

Helping tech professionals find the perfect job

TechJobs.me is an online platform that helps developers and other tech specialists find the perfect job. We're attempting to fix the many problems associated with online job boards (spam, weak search functionality, smaller companies being crowded out by larger companies who post dozens of job ads at a time, cumbersome navigation, etc.).

TechJobs.me aggregates job posts from many job boards. We filter out job posts by staffing agencies, recruiters, outsourcers, "business process specialists," and certain large corporations.

TechJobs.me facilitates your job search by giving you powerful, but simple-to-use, search functions. You can search job posts by [tag], search by {company}, or search for an "exact phrase" within a post. Our tagging/relevance engine makes it quick and easy to find the jobs that interest you.

Alex Boa

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Developer @ techjobs.me. Mostly using web2py.

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