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Simple Business software does not have to be complicated and overwhelming, we aim to avoid feature bloat and keep things simple. Infact “Simplicity” is our biggest feature. Useful We work hard to deliver as much value as possible to our customers. Whether we’re empowering them with software or educating them with content, we always strive to be useful. Fun We enjoy the work that we’re fortunate to do, and the people that we’re fortunate to do it with. We also have a “No Jerks” policy – we don’t hire jerks and we don’t do business with jerks. Scrappy If we believe in it, we find a way to get it done, whether we have the resources or not. Obstacles are not excuses. Investing In Things That Don’t Go Out Of Style We don’t chase fads and trends, we stay focused on the things that will always be important. Ex: product infrastructure, great design, and customer service.

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We are a 100% remote company, so you have the option to work from home or anywhere else you are comfortable with.