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We build inclusive financial infrastructure for emerging markets


At Sempo, we exist to empower people who live in underserved communities and lack access to financial services, ultimately excluding them from the global economy. We dream of a world where financial services are accessible to anyone. ---- OUR PRIORITIES ---- 1) Provide the most accessible financial tools 2) Be the most focused on community aspirations ---- OUR VALUES ---- *We put people and communities at the centre of our world* We engage with communities every step of the way to develop products that reflect their unique needs and contexts. We believe human-centred approaches enable local and sustainable solutions. *We value honesty and share what we truly believe* We value transparency and honesty over political bureaucracy. We will always be transparent with our customers. We are honest with ourselves and our team members. *We build a supportive environment to learn, ask questions and fail graciously.* We ask big, challenging questions and efficiently pursue the truth. We are comfortable being wrong, and when we aren’t we uncover new insights. *We get things done* We don’t just talk change, we act to make change happen. We support each other as a team to deliver the best possible outcomes. *We value rational thinking and evidence-based debate.* We value rational thinking, but only if it’s after putting people first. Friendly debate and conversation grounded in reason and evidence is critical to company conversations. *Everyone deserves to be included* We believe that everyone should have access to financial services, so we build easy to use, accessible products to deliver on this vision. *We aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo* We are committed to questioning, re-imagining and looking for answers in hard to find places. We don’t let what’s considered the status quo get in the way of doing good. ---- HOW WE WORK ---- - Regular, in-country deployment - Small, agile, high-ownership teams - Daily Standups, Weekly All hands, 90 Day OKRs

Perks and benefits

Get real ownership

Everyone is offered generous equity packages. We understand everyone has different needs and goals so all equity is offered on a sliding scale (equity vs. salary).

Work-from-home friendly

Have total autonomy to work from home a few times per week

Deploy in the field

Have the opportunity to regularly deploy "in the field" and work with the local team in the emerging markets we operate in.