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Software that requests, approves, and tracks company spending in real-time.


What kinds of technical challenges do you and your team face? "We must develop performant, stable integrations with payments networks, accounting software, and other third party software, with intelligent data processing, error handling, and more. The data we collect helps inform our users and our product roadmap decisions. As a PCI-regulated company, security is at the forefront of everything we do."
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Justin Oblak


Founder & CEO @Teampay. Founded & sold @urbantag. Secured banks and payments at @Verisign, networked supercomputers at @NASA/Ames. Programming since age of 6.


Lyndsay Clark

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A creative UI/UX designer who has worked with startups around the U.S. to help align their products with their business objectives.

Preston Hale

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Experienced Software Engineer. SQL, Python, Javascript, React, AWS, ECS, Docker.

Peter Nesbitt

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Finance and operations executive at Teampay.co with previous experience at Unified, Bitly, Carlyle, Deutsche Bank, Fortify.vc. US Army veteran too.

Justin Barth

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Reinventing the company card @Teampay. Fmr. @bp_income, @Oaktree, @morganstanley, @ohiostate.

Leah Ward

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Chief of Staff @Teampay

Justin Oblak

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VP of Engineering @Teampay. Previously CTO @SingleCare
Owner - ilex consulting, management consultant with over 30 in the financial sector, working with start ups helping bring them to market for over 10 years.

Board members and advisors

YC W'10, Founding team @Movity (acquired by @Trulia); Founder @Braid Labs; Speaker: PyCon, DjangoCon, WhereConf; OSS contributor
Founder of @caretraxx · Developing Innovative Healthcare IT Solutions · Previously Chief Product Officer at Orbiscom (acquired by MasterCard)
Founder and Managing Partner of @ETW Advisors

Former team

Lanie Bernes

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