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Software that requests, approves, and tracks company spending in real-time.

Jobs at Teampay

We are a venture-backed, experienced team that has built and sold startups before. We empower workers to make purchases on behalf of their company, without corporate cards or expense reports - a problem a lot of engineers face.

We are:
- a fun, supportive team that recognizes playfulness enhances creativity
- a group passionate about improving people’s lives through simple, frictionless technology
- a company that prefers talent and appetite over skill and credentials
- a team that thrives on transparency, debate and learning

You are:
- Architecting: you love development for its puzzle pieces, how they connect with each other to develop a full picture, and keeping them all in appropriate focus
- Courageous: you’re willing to try something ambitious and fail... and try again.
- Interdisciplinary: you bring coding chops to the table as well as a knack for product experience, a fluid development process, and persistence
- Experimenting: you tinker on a regular basis, pinpoint what worked, what didn’t
- Force Multiplier: you are capable at multitasking, and can manage others to achieve at a greater rate