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The first hiring marketplace for teams

The first hiring marketplace for teams

As part of several successful early-stage companies, we're aware of how critical it is to grow quickly, but also how hard it is to hire the right people.

TeamedWith is a team-hiring marketplace that allows companies full, experience teams to connect: we’ve seen how great co-workers tend to stick together into their next jobs, and our platform connects awesome teams of engineers, designers, and product managers with companies looking to hire experienced, ready-to-go teams, all at once.

We ran an earlier alpha that validated the outstanding need for our marketplace. Our next step is to launch a wider beta in San Francisco, and eventually scale out the full marketplace everywhere, and to all industries.

Tyke Lewis

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Experienced engineering leader. Currently at @Slack . Previously @NerdWallet , @Betable, @Klout, @Zynga and studied at @Rochester Institute of Technology

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