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Community-driven platform for post secondary education

Community-driven platform for post secondary education

Today's post-secondary education isn't preparing students for the real world. Too many students leave school and struggle to find employment that aligns with their education. Depression, anxiety and lack of self care are extremely common amongst today's youth. We're on a mission to give students the time and opportunities to break free from the theoretical nature of typical academia and focus on themselves. We believe in an experience where students learn not only how to be employable, but also how to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Our first step to getting there is saving students time in the current system. In typical lecture halls, 100s of students take the same note at the same time, collectively wasting hundreds of hours. Team Study combines the real-time collaboration of Google Docs, and a versioning system similar to Github, allowing students to find, create, and collaborate on amazing study notes for their courses. We believe losers compete, winners collaborate.

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