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Ultrasonic technology

Ultrasonic technology

Proximity marketing is growing 200% year-over-year. Some estimates say that by 2020, more than 75% of retailers will have a proximity marketing strategy.

The drawback? It’s expensive. Between buying and installing hardware, developing an engaging mobile app (and getting people to download it), and then integrating listening software into that app, solutions can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – way too much for your local band, mom-and-pop store, or art market vendor.

The Tchirp technology is a fundamentally new method of mobile data sharing - wirelessly, through ultrasonic sound (above 18.5 kHz). Its bringing proximity marketing to the little guy.

With Tchirp, everyone can engage in proximity marketing. Using our free iPhone app, anyone can create a Tchirp profile – a blurb, picture and links of your choice. Then simply plug your phone into a speaker, and hit “broadcast.” Your profile is now downloadable by anyone within earshot through an inaudible audio signal.

CEO of LookFar. Indefatigable New Orleans-based entrepreneur, investor, and cheerleader.

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