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Taxnexus manages a tax rate database, calculates taxes, monitors transactions and issues tax liabilities with Taxnexus Cloud and surfaces functionality with Taxnexus API. We offer full transaction-to-treasury compliance solutions for federal, state and local sales and specialty taxes for cannabis and telecom taxpayers in CA, OR, WA and NV.

Taxnexus is the first and only technology company to address the problem of taxation in the cannabis industry. We use a Connected Enterprise approach to the problem where we leverage the power of the Salesforce Platform to create a rigorous and flexible solution for recording revenue and purchasing in order to produce the complex tax reports required by the cannabis industry regulators.

We are now building the Taxnexus team of talented, creative, and experienced software engineers to develop the newest, fastest, most flexible and most widely used tax engine worldwide. Join Taxnexus as we use cannabis as a stepping stone to build a new global financial services network.