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The Cannabis Tax Compliance as Service Company

The Cannabis Tax Compliance as Service Company

The Taxnexus mission is to pool resources in the cannabis industry and to be the best cannabis tax compliance service for everyone.

Taxnexus has crossed the revenue threshold with a handful of cannabis licensees paying monthly fees. We have addressed some of our operational and technical risks. Now, we need investment to grow with the large OEM deals we have on the table.

I am looking for experienced, early-stage investors to join us on our first round. This Taxnexus investment requires a financial partner with skin in the game and who will help us build a top-notch cap table with strong and capable investors.

Jasmine Davaloo

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Attorney at Law. Co-founder of Taxnexus. Founder of the Law Office of Jasmine Davaloo.

Vernon Keenan

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Founder and CEO @Taxnexus • Telecom Operator @Telnexus • Worked @Oracle @Genentech @Salesforce • Educated @Northwestern University Go Cats!

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