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Field Resource Coordinator (FRC)

• Work with school teachers, teacher networks and students. Use technology to build networks, connect people and provide the required support to teachers and schools.


Chief Operating Officer

The person will lead strategy development for the programme, articulating strategic vision to guide the programme, and developing operational plans in collaboration with the Programme Director.
The person will be responsible for establishing effective operational systems and overseeing all operat...


Communications and Marketing Manager

• Drive generation of blogs; Update and monitor blogs on the website
• Periodically update content- text, images, videos
• Handle the monthly Newsletter
• Manage Facebook page
• Create and Manage a Twitter account
• Liaise with CLIx members (domain teams, tech teams and state teams), web designers,


Assistant Librarian

• Plan and develop the library’s collections of books, policy documents and journals from school textbooks to teaching learning materials and archives (both physical and digital).


Executive Producer

• Plan for resources
• Allocate work as per skills
• Plan and ensure adherence to deadlines
• Ensure adherence to processes
• Liaise between different teams- tech, graphics, media and content
• Trouble shoot when required/ find alternative solutions
• Hire vendor services of different kinds whe...


Project Manager

Studying and understanding the overall objectives of the projects, the team structures, responsibility hierarchy and partnerships.With each team, formulating the major and minor milestones that need to be achieved for the overall target to complete within the stipulated time period.