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If you are someone who wants to build and grow a product which has direct impact on the users, you will feel right at home working with us. We don't claim to have cracked some magical code of AI or ML, instead we understand that technology has value only when it is used by people and it solves their pain point. We are a bootstrapped and profitable SaaS Company based out of Bangalore. We have grown 3x in the last year and are looking for amazing people to join us and build truly innovative technology of chatbots and automated conversations. As company, we believe in creativity, innovation, automation, hard work, efficiency and freedom of thoughts.
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Marketing Manager

Posted 5 months ago

At Tars, we are in the Chatbot space which is a relatively new category and we have to do a lot of work in educating our prospective customers(MARKETERS!) as to how they can become successful with bots.


Inside Sales Account Executive

Posted 1 month ago

Founded in 2016, by Vinit Agrawal and Ish Jindal, TARS is a Value SaaS business. Till date, our product has enabled over 20,000 creators to build over 35,000 bots that have together completed over 30 million conversations.