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Taringa! is the largest social network ever created in Latin America.

Their motto is Collective Intelligence; it is an open platform where people can share their opinions, interests and experiences democratically, as well as discover new ideas, information and knowledge. The spirit of Taringa! is to be free, democratic and open, giving millions of people a means to enable them to express themselves without intermediaries or censorship.

Taringa! consists of a 27 million registered user base who create and share thousands of daily posts on general interest topics such as: Life Hacks, Tutorials, Recipes, News, Sports, Technology, Reviews, Art, and more.

The platform has a presence in every country in the Spanish-speaking world - its main markets are Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Peru and the US Latino community. According to comScore statistics, it is the 4th most popular Latin American Social Network, as it receives 75 million unique visitors per month.

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