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Iba Masood

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Founder TARA.AI- YCombinator W15• Worked at @McKinsey & Co, @GE Healthcare • Forbes 30 under 30


Syed Ahmed

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Jose Cong

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Silas Simon

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David W Keith

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High school dropout who made his way the Xcode and iCloud teams at Apple, then senior manager at Nest. Now leading software development at Tara AI
Founder @blockinit. QA Engineer at Homehero, Harvey and IMAX. Strong team leading skills

Tam Pham

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Marketing/Ops Specialist at TARA.AI. We're a team of former Apple, Google, Boeing, McKinsey engineers who look to build the future of product management!

Disha Soni

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Computer Science Graduate student at Northeastern University. Actively seeking full time position starting January 2018

Evon Onusic

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Start-Up Focused - Former founder @algo @SkyGrid @Swivl @CityKart E-Commerce App

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Partner at @Y Combinator. Founded @Wufoo (Acquired by @SurveyMonkey).

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Sundeep Brar

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