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The Next-Generation Dating App!

The Next-Generation Dating App!

The TAP! team has been focused on creating a dating app that can truly be considered the next generation of its kind. The 'light-bulb moment' for this app came to our founder when he was getting coffee in NYC; noticing a beautiful woman sitting across the cafe with her family. There was something noticeably special about her, if only from a glance. But he simply couldn't find a way to approach her, wishing there was a way to just say “hi” or pass her his number. These situations are all too common, and chances missed become regrets. Everyone understands the struggles of meeting new romances. Time, opportunity, and gumption all play an important part in this dance, and if we’re missing even one of these key ingredients, the opportunity is lost almost as quickly as it appeared. It’s a shame how normalized this unfortunate reality is, but we’ve had no real alternative, until now! Our vision stems from all these experiences, but goes so much further than that. At TAP!, we're rethinking the way a dating app should connect you with people who you truly want to meet, whether it be someone across town or simply across the cafe. No time? No opportunity? No gumption? No problem! Don’t miss another chance to meet someone special.

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Justin Moses

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President & CEO of Tap Dating, Inc. 10+ years managing diverse teams & operations for Department of State & Department of Defense high level projects.

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