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Bite-sized stories on the go: comics and novels from indie creators



Chang Kim

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Founder/CEO of Tapas Media; Advisor/angel; former PM at @Google, Samsung. Co-founded TNC (acquired by @Google in 2008)


Charlie Huh

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Content leader & creative project manager for media companies and marketing agencies with experience in community, influencer relations, and ops. Open to LA/SF.

Jackie Martinez

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Jade Law

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Localization Quality Control Editor and Manager | Ex-engineer, liberal arts intellectual, and actress.

Jessica Jacobo

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UC Berkeley alumn. Actively participated in short animations, games, web comics, and I've taught elementary to college level classes on these media topics.

April Kim

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Founder of ChattingCat, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Designer, Blogger (aprkim.com), Kellogg MBA '14

Rachel Ahn

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Graduating student at UC Berkeley, Trilingual (English, Korean, Mandarin Chinese)

Nicole Kim

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Worked at @Tapas Media

Nike Lee

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Michael Son

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Min Kim

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Board members and advisors

Sean Park

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Social energy platform Energy X invites users to co-develop renewable clean energy across the globe.
VP Business Development at IFTTT. Previously worked BD roles at SmartThings, Google[x], Mochi Media, YouTube and Yahoo.

Jay Eum

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Co-Founder/Managing Director @Translink Capital (VC). Formerly head of Samsung Ventures America
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Former team

Daron Akira Hall

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Jo Byoungjun

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Victoria Hu

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