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Tapad: Digital identity resolution specialists who connect brands to consumers across devices

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Tapad works with Petabyte scale data to ingest, process, and surface meaningful connections across devices to build the Tapad Graph. Processing 30 Petabytes overnight is humanly impossible in order for us to issue a brand-new Tapad Graph every week, so we work smart! We apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to make it all happen in a privacy safe manner. This means PII is never used to build the graph nor is that the output. Tapad monetizes this privacy safe data through its Device Graph Access and with the newly launched CDP (Customer Data Platform) as of 2018. Both are data products purpose-built to apply science to the creative world of Marketing.
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Software Engineer (Oslo)

Posted 1 week ago
  • 3+ years of experience making significant contributions in the form of code
  • Strong understanding of algorithms and data structures in knowing when to apply them

SVP of Marketing

Posted 2 months ago
  • Lead a highly efficient marketing team inclusive of marketing Operations, Product Marketing, and Design. Create an efficient organizational structure providing leadership, inspiration and coaching to all team members.
  • Facilitate c-level discussions to establish long-term and short-term marketing roadmap and busi...

Product Manager (Oslo)

Posted 3 weeks ago
  • Have an impact on overall company strategy through regular communication with senior leadership
  • Weigh and justify product development between short-term needs and long-term strategic direction