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TaoBase.com is the world’s first bilingual business social network for China and USA-based entrepreneurs, SMEs (small and medium businesses) and investors looking to expand into international markets. The platform simplifies business development by connecting users based on common business goals and desired resources.

TaoBase eliminates barriers to finding, initiating and building new business relationships and partnerships between US and Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs. TaoBase simplifies communication, discovery, legal and more.

Our mission is to promote the flow of international talent and cooperation between Chinese and American SMEs.
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Looking for Co-founder (CTO/Technical VP)

Posted 4 months ago

Taobase.com is an early-stage startup company aiming to bridge top-tiered technology resources in the US and China. We plan to build a simple blockchain to realize our ideas. We are interested in finding a technical director/CTO to join us. We prefer you have abundant knowledge about blockchain...

Software Engineer

Looling for web developer intern

Posted 10 months ago

TaoBase seeks full stack web developers to: Web development do QA / automated testing imagine, design, implement, test, and roll out bugs and new features ship code daily and see it loved (or hated) by users Test and verify the website features and functions constantly enjoy remote work Required...