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Algolia for Recommendations. 10x better personalization tools for developers, easy as π

Machine Intelligence Engineer

$150k – $230k • 2.0% – 5.0%
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Love neural nets and want to join a startup that is making them useful? Come be the first hire / cofounder at Tamber, and help build head-scratchingly accurate recommender systems for the masses.

Tamber is enabling developers to put 10x better personalization into their apps just by tracking user actions (in the same way you would for an analytics service like Segment or MixPanel). We are growing fast with awesome customers like Dubsmash, Beek (YC W17), ChefsFeed (2017 App of the Year on Apple TV), and more, and just raised a round of funding from some of the best angels in SF (a couple are listed on our AngelList profile).

You should know a bunch about ANNs and TensorFlow, something about recommender systems and Golang, and a ton about writing good code and shipping it. Also, you're going to be a cofounder so you should be interested in building a company – or at least intellectually curious.

Please give us **hard evidence** that you are going to be exceptional on our team. Whether that is your codejam, hacker cup, ICPC, kaggle **competition rankings**, **open-source repos** you have created or contributed to, apps + websites you have built, or anything else you think can serve as evidence.

We work in San Francisco and we would like for you to be here too, but we can be flexible.

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Algolia for Recommendations. 10x better personalization tools for developers, easy as π

Tamber focuses on SaaS, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Developer Tools. Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://tamber.com or find them on Twitter and Product Hunt.

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