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Global Talent Marketplace & Talent Networking Platform

Global Talent Marketplace & Talent Networking Platform

Innovative Solution of Talspo:
Innovative Solution: Explore Talents NEARBY and Connect with them in a Faster Way (Real Time: GEO-LOCATION).

Connecting with People NEARBY YOU, to develop one or more Talent(s) “OFFLINE”.

You are a Teacher as well as a Learner.

Finding the Right Co-Founder with the right Talent(s), or even a Part Time/ Full Time Freelancer.

Allowing a person to explore their talent(s).

Finding a suitable Job role, as per Your Capabilities.

Exploring new opportunities!

Customer(s) Can Find: NEARBY Talents On The Basis Of Their Talent Requirements. They Save Time & Affordable Solution

Our Customer(s) Are: Student, Professional, Corporate/ Institution & Workspace/ Event
Founded SollyHub, then Co-Founded Talspo. Have developed webapps for local startups.
Founder @Talspo (Explore.Spot.Connect.). A Self Motivated Learner | Innovative Thinker | & Aspiring Entrepreneur !

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