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Talos aims to provide Europeans with an online public sphere: a platform to empower citizens and enable them to drive real change. Technology gives us the power to connect citizens who live kilometers away but have similar aims and wish to build the future together. It also enables us to offer a modern, efficient and easy-to-use platform. Using technology, we make e-democracy and civic engagement easy. To drive real change, the European institutions must be involved. This is why we leverage the e-democracy tools they provide. We give these tools visibility, explain how they function, and encourage Cause Launchers to use them for their initiative to have a real impact. Talos is not a political party nor an NGO. We are a tool for European citizens. It is the essence of our project: our platform is made for citizens and tailored to make participation in the European democratic process easier. We give them all the right tools to build the future of Europe.

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Alix Dumoulin

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University College London finalist in BSc PPE with Data Science. Experience in strategy consulting and social ventures. Into tech, digitalization, and data.