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TalhaTraining is an educational network where user can build their professional career, how?? by increasing their confidence and skill with proper guideline!
Now a days almost every learners are confused about job market, learning method, suitable technologies for job market, even their own skill! But they all have a dream to be success. They need correct path with proper learning content according to their dream and skill.
To solve this problem TalhaTraining Intelligence Machine Assistant (TIMA) is going to help learner like an experience career counselor. TIMA provides users Career Guideline, at the same time professional skill development guideline material suggestion. If user has any kinds of weakness they can convert it to opportunity with suggested skill development content and test their skill to get confidence to go for job market.
The method is going to be “learn for successful career”.

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M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering 10+ experience in Software Development, University Guest Lecturer, IT Training and Project Management
Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering 11+ experience in Software Testing, Analysis and Design, Social Media Marketing, and Project Management