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Convenient carpools with co-workers and neighbors

Sales Enablement Manager

$115k – $160k estimated
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About Scoop

Scoop brings co-workers and neighbors together to enjoy a smooth carpooling experience—unlocking new opportunities to create friendships, improve their well-being, and make the most of their valuable time.

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Sales @ Scoop

At Scoop, we bring commuters together in carpools they’ll love by partnering with their employers across the country. Enterprise sales is our core go to market strategy, and we’re building a world-class sales organization of passionate sellers who want to be part of a quickly growing team.

The Scoop sales team leads the charge in bringing the Scoop Managed Carpool Program to new employers and communities across the country. The commute impacts employers in so many ways. Whether you’re a VP in Real Estate faced with the expense of building a parking garage, or an HR Executive struggling with employee turnover, the commute is a constant challenge. Rising congestion across American metros increases the urgency for employers to act.

From Fortune 50 companies to SMBs, every customer we bring on leads to better quality of life for commuters and a better employee experience. Our team brings that vision to life for employers, ultimately leading to real returns on their real estate and team investments.

In this role, you will:
* Be a foundational member of our sales leadership team
* Lead the creation, deployment & delivery of training & content for processes, practices and tools.
* Support launches by preparing the sales team to understand and sell our solutions.
* Support the buying and selling processes at all stages with foundational and continuous learning programs
* Work with frontline sales managers and sales leadership team to execute effective management disciplines and establish a sales coaching program.

You should:
* Have extensive knowledge of sales training best practices (analysis, instructional design, delivery, implementation, certification and evaluation).
* Be an expert with the ability to manage projects from concept to completion.
* Possess deep knowledge of sales management best practices, developmental sales coaching, sales methodologies & sales process.
* Demonstrate polished presentation skills and can manage multiple projects simultaneously.
* Be highly coachable and invested in your professional growth, development, and career path

You also have:
* 4+ years of direct experience in Sales Enablement and/or Sales Training required
* 3+ years experience selling B2B solutions and/or managing B2B sales teams preferred. May accept less experience with verifiable proof of delivering business outcomes (increased velocity, increased win-rates, decreased rep ramp-up time, improving sales performance)

Life @ Scoop

Founded in 2015 and based in downtown SF, our team mixes technology and elbow grease every day, with one statistic in our crosshairs: 80% of Americans drive alone to work. At Scoop, we envision a world where commuters feel empowered — starting with a choice to make their commute a meaningful part of their day. We embody that same spirit within our own culture, empowering every team member to make this the most meaningful experience of their career.

Walk into Scoop and you’ll find a furry, tail-wagging welcoming committee. In many ways these fluffy faces exemplify the energy that flows through our office. They are a reminder that while we’re focused and driven, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. They also help bridge the gap between our homes and our workplace, just like a Scoop carpool.

The atmosphere overall is dynamic and unique. It’s influenced by our backgrounds at successful startups, big tech companies, and premier consulting firms — blended and crafted into what feels natural and right for this company. It plays out in our balance of scrappy and strategic, frameworks and fast thinking.

At Scoop, we’re all united by our desire to change the way people get to work — and committed to enjoying the journey together along the way.

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