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Convenient carpools with co-workers and neighbors


2 rounds




Jack Chou

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CPO @Affirm. Previous: HoP @Pinterest. Startup founder Pensive Labs. Ads business @LinkedIn. Before that: @Google, @Oracle, @Stanford University.

Paul McDonald

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Product at Google, advisor, board member

Terrence Rohan

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Angel investor

Brett Slatkin

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Software Engineer at Google. Co-founder of Google Surveys. Author of Effective Python. Previously: App Engine, PubSubHubbub, Production Infrastructure.

Zaw Thet

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Veteran Entrepreneur & Investor: @SigniaVC @Plyfe @HaulerDeals @4INFO etc | Philanthropist: @palindromeadv climateX @asasafterschool @unfoundation @SFSPCA

David Ko

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President, COO of Rally Health. Former COO of Zynga and SVP of Yahoo!

Russell Fradin

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CEO of @Dynamic Signal. Founder/Executive at 4 companies: 2 IPO's, 2 Exits.

Mikhail Seregine

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Co-founder @Outschool Previously, software and product @Google @Amazon @Jambool @ClayValet

Jeff Johnson

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