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Takeoff is a well-funded startup looking to transform a $5.7Tn market!

Takeoff is a well-funded startup looking to transform a $5.7Tn market!

Takeoff Tech is a well-funded, 180-person startup transforming grocery retail by enabling same-day online orders for the same prices as in store and no fees. If you ever wanted to be on the ground floor of a well-funded, rapidly growing startup where you had the chance to transform a $5.7Tn market — now’s the time! Join our team at Takeoff Technologies. Our automated grocery fulfillment system, coupled with our end-to-end technology solution, is helping grocers thrive in an online grocery market. Our eGrocery solution was created with the grocer and the shopper in mind. Grocery is an incredibly complex industry, and our products are unlike any other: they are low-value, perishable, heavy, and low-margin. Our automated solution is flexible enough to manage these complexities. We ensure the correct picking method for the correct product!

Max Pedro

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eCommerce, Retail & Financial Services entrepreneur and executive with strong track record transforming industries, re-imagining retail, delighting customers.

Jose V. Aguerrevere

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José Vicente is a serial entrepreneur with passion for retail and disruptive business models. Successfully developed businesses in technology and retail.