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Video Search and Discovery Platform

Video Search and Discovery Platform

Tagasauris has been leveraging our learning’s in human computation to tackle two core AI problems with practical applications in online video, Scene Understanding and Creative Design.

Scene Understanding is the computational understanding about what’s in the video, including objects, their properties and relationships. Creative Design is about how machines can use this understanding to create new, interlinked, contextual experiences from the underlying metadata derived from the scene understanding pipelines.

We've successfully engaged the world’s largest media and entertainment companies who benefit from product impact in engagement, reach and discoverability (e.g. Tagasauris increased website traffic for one client 5,000%+ after tagging 1.8M photos in one early use case).

Our approach is multi-disciplinary and employ experts in the fields of computer vision cognitive and web sciences, linked data, dynamic semantic publishing and human-assisted computing.

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Todd Carter

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Founder Tagasauris. Entrepreneur with track record leading innovative early stage technology businesses. Founded and led tech company from start up to IPO.
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