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Facebook Meets Pinterest

Facebook Meets Pinterest

TacBoard is a virtual canvas for sharing life experiences. Distinguishing user benefits include: (a) 3 Forms of Expression: Get creative with a drawing, tac your thoughts, or upload a fun photo! (b) Personalized Signature: Step away from the boring, black font and create your personalized signature by selecting from a palette of fresh colors and a variety of font types. (c) Tac Freely: Being restricted to comment in a small box is boring and predictable. On TacBoard, users can tac freely anywhere on a board! (d) Expanding Boards: Never run out of room! Boards grow infinitely in every direction. (e) Navigation: Explore boards like Cousteau explored the sea with our zoom in/zoom out feature and arrive to any spot quickly by panning around your board. (f) Privacy: Users take comfort in knowing that only invited guests can view their board, whether it’s 5 family members, 15 sorority sisters, or the 150 people that attended your wedding!

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