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AI coaching platform to improve communication skills

AI coaching platform to improve communication skills

We have created a ground-breaking, interactive learning platform that helps individuals achieve sustained learning and growth in their presentation and public speaking skills. Our platform is changing the way people learn by bringing together all of the powerful elements of instructor-led training in a self-paced, software-based solution.

We've developed Presentr™, an interactive software solution that allows users to learn, train, measure and practice without the constraints of a classroom by leveraging the latest in interactive technology. The experience is captured in video and reported back to the user - at a fraction of the price of an instructor-led/classroom-based experience. In addition, Presentr™ offers a solution beyond the traditional classroom-type learning to allow speakers at conferences and events, who would otherwise not have an opportunity for practice or coaching, to gain critical feedback on their presentations in an exciting new way.

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Tim Wikstrom

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President and Co Founder of Presentr. Communications skills expert for over 20 years and founded t3 in 2013- creating a world of more confident speakers.

Tammy Palazzo

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COO and Co-Founder of Presentr. Building a world of more confident speakers by providing automated coaching and quantified feedback.