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Brett Thompson

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Proven Business Leader with track record of sales to Fortune 500


Ryan Magno

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Vishnu Manikonda

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Edith Gonzalez

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John Domino

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Traffic Engineer: capacity planning, SIP Peering, Cost savings initiative. Supporting markets NY/NJ.

Christy Cowan

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Joel Smith

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Rebecca Krauthamer

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CEO, CTO, AI Ethicist and Architect, Currently CEO and Co-Founder at Neural Edge

Sandeep Reddy

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Worked at T-Mobile, Not provided. Experience with Atlas, Abap, Accounting. Went to Anna University

Chi Pak, MBA

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Chad Johnson

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Dynamic Leader with demonstrated experience achieving sustainable revenue, profit, and market share increases. Recognized and awarded for employee development.

Niko Mađar

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Marc Sisneros

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Andre Price

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Board members and advisors

Partner at mobile telecommunications specialists, Piran Partners LLP. Studied at @London Business School School.

Former team

Hasnat Leion

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Jay Taylor

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Nathan Bean

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Josh Goldberg

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Jaime Alonso Landeros

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Mariama Darboe

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