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Szio+ empowers consumers to suspect, detect, correct in particular disease states

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Experienced Growth Manager with a demonstrated history of working with start-ups and e-commerce businesses. Strong data and ROI-driven marketing professional skilled in SEO, SEM, Social Media, Display, Influencer Marketing, Email, and CRO.


• Email Campaigns: Email campaigns are a key pillar for improving user retention, and you will be responsible for optimizing email communications with users (email design, formatting, copy, subject lines, analysis etc.).
• Paid user acquisition: You will help execute acquisition campaigns across paid networks (e.g., Facebook, Instagram ads, Google Adwords, etc.). You will also help track various metrics, analyze data, and propose channel-mix changes based on your findings (e.g. which channel brings in users with the highest LTV and lowest CAC).
• Building the reporting infrastructure to analyze qualitative and quantitative data into actionable insights (LTV, CAC, contribution margin, channel ROAS targets, retention cohorts, customer churn feedback, and more
• Creating technical scopes and managing developers & UI/UX designers to increase revenues per visitor, engagement, and subscription opt-ins
• User testing: As a consumer-centric company, we're fanatical about talking to our users. You will work with the Customer team to help identify user cohorts, set up testing environments, and conduct user interviews through a variety of mediums (in-person interviews, surveys, video conferences, etc.)
• Researching and presenting new ideas: Growth is all about experimentation, so you will be expected to come up with new growth experiments, research your ideas, and present them in both verbal and written form.
• Organic user acquisition: You will help define, create, launch, and iterate upon various campaigns to promote organic (unpaid) user acquisition. This can range from community engagements, unconventional PR to increase the virality of Utiva.
• Run and Analyze A/B Tests: You will constantly be coming up with A/B tests for your growth experiments (e.g. which type of app screen performs better? Which onboarding flow is more effective? Which copy leads to more downloads? Which app elements lead to users spending more time in-app). You will be expected to interpret the data from these A/B tests and recommend actions based on your findings.
• Creative, optimize and execute the brand marketing strategy aligning with company goals. Drive consistent communication of the brand voice and brand management across the organization and externally.


• Strong Analytical Skills: The term ‘quantitative rigour’ gets you excited. You love using data to help identify problems, discover opportunities, and substantiate your ideas.
• Excellent communication skills. You should quickly be able to synthesize a lot of information, highlight important takeaways, and distill action items.
• Project owner. You will be responsible for your own projects, and you will be accountable for their outcomes. You are excited about being held accountable for both your successes and shortcomings.
• Time management and effective prioritization. The role requires someone who is used to juggling several tasks simultaneously and operating under uncertainty. You will need to work both hard and smart; one alone will not suffice.
• An insatiable drive to make things better. While prioritization is paramount, no detail is too small to go unaddressed. You should constantly be looking at every process, feature, assumption, and screen, and asking, “How can we make this better?”
• Self-starter. You love being in the weeds and are known for rolling up your sleeves to get things done. You never let roadblocks get in the way of getting things done; the only limits to what you can do are governed by the laws of physics.
• Bachelor’s degree. Preferably in a quantitative field such as math, statistics, physics, chemistry, engineering, economics, computer science, operational research. Master’s degree is desired, but not required.
• 2+ years in a high-paced work environment. Business consulting, Investment banking, or operations management, or an equivalent field.
• Other. Don’t have some of the above experience but confident you’ll crush it anyway? Feel free to apply and prove it to us.

Szio+ is a Canadian based, healthcare company founded to lead the prevention and wellness industry by building brands focused around disease states. Our vision is to empower everybody to suspect-detect-correct themselves. Utiva is our launch brand for Urinary Tract Infections. We offer medical grade, doctor recommended UTI solutions that are easy and convenient to self-manage. Szio+ is growing exponentially and we take pride in helping people live better, healthier lives. Join this young start-up from Toronto founded by two veterans from the Health Care industry who are inspired to make an impact in patients’ lives and reduce the burden on healthcare systems.

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Szio+ empowers consumers to suspect, detect, correct in particular disease states

Szio+ focuses on Consumer Goods and Health and Wellness. Their company has offices in Toronto. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.szioplus.com or find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.

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