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Founder at @Synthego; Previously: CEO @Interave Media; CTO @TradeHill; Head of Software Dev @Halcyon Molecular; Head of Software Dev @SpaceX; @UIUC @UCSD Alumn
Founder at @Synthego, @Interave Media. Lead engineer of P4 Electron Microscope at @Halcyon Molecular. Lead Digital Designer at @SpaceX. MS Computer Engineering


Theo Smith

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Mechanical Engineer at Synthego owning laboratory automation projects that have revolutionized RNA synthesis.

Myo Thu

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Pamela Solon

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Operator. Entrepreneur. Investor. Focused on thoughtfully designed products and disruptive distribution models.

Reed Kelso

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Matt Mazurek

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Sam Liu

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Chris Medina

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John Walker

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Google - ML and founding member of Google Health, CorpDev @ Raptor (acquired by Horizon), reformed equity research, investor Bio/Finance - MIT, Harvard,Cornell
Founder PopWi • Studied at @University of Cambridge

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Joanne C. Lohrasbpour

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