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Powering the Engineering of Biology

Powering the Engineering of Biology

We're building Antha - a revolutionary cloud-based platform built on Go, Kubernetes, GCP - to automate biological research and help scientists do cool things like cure Cancer faster!


BE: Microservices, Kubernetes Federation, Go, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Google Data Store & Ansible
FE: Typescript, React.js, Node.js, Postgres
Drivers: .Net Core, C#, ASP.Net, APIs
Bioinformatics: Python, Go, Java, C, C++, BLAST, R, PANDAS/NumPy/SciPy, SAS/JMP


We have a very high technical bar. We have inspiring, amazing people working here, and we share knowledge with each other. all. the. time!

We're a friendly, supportive and inclusive bunch. We have regular company lunches, games nights and other events. We hold weekly lunch and learn sessions to help those of us without PhDs in various scientific subjects to understand more about the world of biology, to help us see how our work will directly impact the researchers who use it.
Chief Scientific Officer at Synthace Ltd. Previously University College London, Novacta Biosystems and Durham University.
Protocol Engineer @Synthace Codifying / automating bioengineering. Process Engineering, DOE, QBD, Membrane proteins, metabolic engineering & Biosensors.
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Series B (Dec 2018)

(Senior) Software Engineer - London

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Senior SRE / DevOps Engineer - London

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