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Pro Presence Engineering Tool for Live Network Music Performance

Pro Presence Engineering Tool for Live Network Music Performance

ARTSMESH A Professional Presence Tool for Musicians (macOS) A complete toolkit for network performances of any kind artsmesh.com : artsmesh.io Connect, play live; P2P multiple-location HD music, then broadcast live to youtube/facebook. Inter-application, multichannel/uncompressed audio, H264 video and open sound control. Archive events, users and groups info. Network testing tools. Shared music scores. Start distributed clock/metronome in absolute or relative mode. Map to visualize all current and archived performances streamed to Youtube. Chat/Microblog. Even if you don't connect globally, its a great in-studio media management system over ethernet. Bonjour discovery for local user cluster. Mesh to go global with share data store. Connect artists, bands, orchestras and ensembles on different continents; pass the DJ set from club to club and city to city; don't move your electronic music equipment all over the place, just connect to others from your home studio.


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