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Smart Manufacturing Blockchain Supply Chain

Smart Manufacturing Blockchain Supply Chain

SyncFab is a decentralized buyer- to-manufacturer platform aggregating orders matching requirements to capabilities on the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain Supply Chain utilizing our Smart Contracts to streamline procurement processes with a world first MFG Token.

SyncFab built a manufacturing procurement platform linking Advanced Manufacturing capacity to Brand Supply Chain Buyers. SyncFab was developed in response to an economic development challenge shared by San Leandro City as part of the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation Startup-in-Residence Program 2016. The industry solution identifies idle precision component production capacity and makes it available to buyers with a suite of simple and easy to use supply chain management tools.

SyncFab was also recognized as member of the White House-appointed & Department of Energy sponsored Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative within the Department of Commerce's National Network of Manufacturing Innovation.

SALES: B2B SaaS/ERP: Supply Chain Software for Aero, Auto, Medical

FULL-STACK Blockchain Engineer (JS, NodeJS, C++, ReactJS, Hyperledger, Go)

MARKETING Manager: B2B SaaS Lead Demand Generation

CONTENT WRITER for SaaS and Blockchain Marketing

Part Manufacturing Estimator and Fulfillment Coordinator

Machined Parts Sales for Aerospace, Automotive, Medical OEM Outsourcing

SaaS/ERP Enterprise Blockchain IT Sales

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